Find your next health care professional through Katon Direct

Katon Direct Connects Healthcare Organizations to Qualified Professionals

Katon Direct enables healthcare organizations to source and hire the most talented professionals, such as nurses, physical and occupational therapists, pharmacists and physicians, with the goal to reduce recruitment costs. With unparalleled capabilities to target the most qualified healthcare professionals across the country with Healthcare Recruitment Solutions that work, Katon Direct offers the most efficient and effective platform for reaching highly specialized healthcare candidates that everyone wants—but no one can find. We leverage proprietary technologies to engage qualified talent via live phone calls, personalized direct mail, customized voice messages, and customized emails. Traditional Healthcare staffing methods such as job boards and social media macro-market, which produces hundreds of unqualified resumes and candidates. Katon’s direct marketing techniques reach only the most qualified and experienced professionals. Put our expertise to work for you for better healthcare talent

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